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Lions International button back Club Button Museum
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Made of three main sections located in the center: The top section is an illustration of two gold lions facing each other, the middle section is a clear spot where a name tag sheet should be placed, and the bottom section is a gold ring with ion faces on the left and right side.  Everything is set on a white background and surrounding the main sections are a small gold ring and a larger blue ring with gold text. 

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Lion Clubs International is a community service organization that was founded in Chicago in 1917 by Melvin Jones, a local businessman. He invited leaders of business club throughout the United States to participate in a meeting devoted to founding a community service organization led by local business leaders. The Lion Club is devoted to eradicating blindness and other health-related programs such as increasing diabetes awareness, in addition to environmental causes and a slew of other programs. Lion Clubs International has clubs in over 200 countries located throughout the world.

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