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Paul Simon U.S. Senate

Paul Simon U.S. Senate Political Button Museum
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Paul Simon U.S. Senate button back Political Button Museum
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Paul Simon U.S. Senate
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White text over blue background. 

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Union Bug

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This button is most likely from the 1984 US Senate race in Illinois. The bowtie in the button was a trademark of candidate Paul Simon. Simon was elected, and served as a US Senator for Illinois until 1997. He was born in Eugene, Oregon but moved to Illinois in 1948. Simon served in the US Army during the Korean War from 1950-1953, and entered politics in 1955. He was in the Illinois State Congress until 1968 and became Illinois's Lieutenant Governor in 1969. He moved to federal politics in 1975 and served as an US Representative until 1985, when he took his seat in the Senate.

After Simon left office in 1997, he served as the director of The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale until his death in 2003.

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