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Is That Your Face

Is That Your Face Humorous Button Museum
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Is That Your Face button back Humorous Button Museum
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Is that YOUR FACE or did your PANTS FALL DOWN?
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split into two main sections, black text on a red dotted background and white text on a red background. 


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204 ©KAIAN PHILA 10151

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Garfield, the orange lasagna loving cat, is associated with this quip. Garfield is an orange cat that has a cynical view of the world is lazy and loves to sleep, hates Mondays, and has been featured in comics, tv shows, video games, and movies over the years. He was created by Jim Davis in 1978. Garfield has an owner named Jon Arbuckle, a pet-pal named Odie, a stuffed animal best friend Pooky, a girlfriend named Arlene, and a rival named Nermal. 


Davis, J., Acey, M., & Nickel, S. (2003). Garfields in-your-face insults ; Garfields joke zone. New York, NY: Random House Pub. Group.

Garfield. (n.d.). Retrieved July 10, 2020, from

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