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Blue and Yellow Club

Blue and Yellow Club Club Button Museum
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Blue and Yellow Club button back Club Button Museum
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15ти ліття 1950 1965 ФАУМ
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Illustration has yellow text on a blue background. Button reads "15th anniversary" in Ukrainian at the top, and the years 1950 (left) and 1965 (right). The acronym ФАУМ sits in a curl below the center symbol.

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The center symbol is the Ukrainian coat of arms. The acronym ФАУМ stands for the Ukrainian Democratic Youth Association, which helps Ukrainian youth in North America stay in touch and has held an annual summer camp since 1962. Before World War II, 98 percent of Ukrainian Americans settled in the northeastern United States. Nearly 80,000 post-World War II Ukrainian refugees also settled in Canada and the United States.


Rewakowicz, Maria. (2015, August 20). University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures. Message posted to Facebook.

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