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Harding and Coolidge

Harding and Coolidge Political Button Museum
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Harding and Coolidge button back Political Button Museum
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White text on a blue stripe with red above and below

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This button was for the 1920 U.S. presidential election campaign of Warren G. Harding and his running mate Calvin Coolidge. With President Woodrow Wilson's health preventing him from running for re-election in 1920, the Republicans nominated Harding and Coolidge. The Democrats nominated James Cox and Franklin Roosevelt. Campaigning in the post-World War I environment for a "return to normalcy," Harding benefited from sentiment against Wilson's reformist foreign and domestic policies. Harding won in a landslide; his 60.3% to 34% victory remains the largest popular-vote margin after the 1820 election of James Monroe.

Harding's administration was characterized by economic improvement and a restoration of tariffs, but also restrictions on immigration and accusations of corruption against some of Harding's political appointees. The Teapot Dome oil lease scandal came to light after Harding died in 1923. Vice President Calvin Coolidge took over as president and served until 1929 (he did not run for re-election in 1928).

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