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Official Spelling Champ

Offishal Spelling Champ Humorous Button Museum
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Offishal Spelling Champ button back Humorous Button Museum
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Yellow text on black and red crest-like symbol with white trim on blue background.

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The English Spelling Society (TESS) states that English spelling is “probably the most irregular of all alphabetic systems” because you can’t always tell how to spell a word from hearing it and you can’t always be sure how to say a word by the way it’s written. For example: there, there, thare, their.¹


Poor spelling prevents people from “becoming competent readers or spellers, with devastating effects on their lives.”  It “reduce[s] their employment prospects and exclude[s] them from the mainstream of life.”  According to TESS, “learning to read and write English would be much easier and less time-consuming if its spelling were more consistent, but people are either not aware of it or choose to ignore it.”²


With the invention of text messaging, we may be doomed. That’s just Gr8.    



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