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The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host Advertising Button Museum
Text on Button: 
VAX The Perfect Host
Image Description: 

Blue text on a white background, with a cat resting on a blue horizontal line. Three lines branching out from the cats tail, one line branching out to three rainbows, second line branching out to three black hats, and the third line branching out to three red apples.

The Shape: 
Additional Information: 

VAX (Virtual Address Extension) was an innovative computer programming architecture developed by Digital Equipment Corporation in the mid-1970s.  The VAX architecture was used in various operating systems up until 2000, when Compaq announced that it would discontinue VAX products.  Despite its discontinuation, the VAX framework was influential to the development of computer programming. Featured on the button we see the Cheshire Cat, nicknamed Albert, the mascot of the VAX architecture.

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