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Signaling You For VBS

Signaling You For VBS Advertising Button Museum
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Signaling You For VBS button back Advertising Button Museum
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Signaling You for VBS
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Red text on a yellow background, with a blue outline of a young boy's head and a blue outline of a satellite.

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Scripture Press Wheaton, ILL. MADE IN THE USA

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We have three words for you: Vacation Bible School!  VBS is a summer day camp program targeted at getting young people interested in "learning about the bible and Christian faith" and localized by congregations offering the program.  The program started as early as 1894 in Hopedale, Illinois by Sunday School teacher D.T. Miles.  Standard Publishing has produced the printed materials for the courses since 1923, although the program itself is not standardized.  This pin advertises VBS Radio, in which local churches can broadcast Vacation Bible School programming year-round.  VBS Radio stations are still locally broadcast today, and even online!

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