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1976 Republican National Convention Kansas City

1976 Republican National Convention Kansas Event Button Museum
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1976 Republican National Convention Kansas button back Event Button Museum
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IOWA 76 KANSAS CITY Republican National Convention
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Blue and red text on a white background with blue stars and an illustration of a flag

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union bug

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The 1976 Republican National Convention was held in Kansas City, Missouri. On Monday morning at the start of the convention, a 55-foot tall inflatable elephant meant to welcome the delegates sprung loose and made its way into downtown Kansas City where it was ripped apart by nearby nylon wiring.

The main opponents of the convention were Ronald Reagan and incumbent President Gerald Ford. The Iowa delegation consisted of 36 participants, and cast their vote for Ford. After much debate and wooing of delegates by both parties, the final vote was 1,187 for Ford, 1,070 for Reagan, one vote from the New York delegation for Commerce Secretary Elliot L. Richardson and one abstention.

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