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1992 Saint Paul Winter Carnival

1992 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Event Button Museum
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1992 Saint Paul Winter Carnival button back Event Button Museum
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Illustration of man with white beard and mustache wearing jeweled crown and purple cape holding a large icicle, and bearded man wearing red jumpsuit, helmet and goggles whose body is partially composed of flame.  White and red text on a purple background.

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The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is a festival held in Saint Paul, Minnesota every January. The event began in 1885 when a New York reporter wrote a comment regarding the miserable winters and how uninhabitable it is for residents during that time. This comment offended the resident of Saint Paul who decided to throw a carnival in order to prove the reporter wrong. The Carnival became a recurring event and was held every few years between 1886 and 1941 until 1942, when the carnival became permanent. Events include snow and ice sculpting, art exhibits, puzzle contests, dogsled races, and parades, among other events. There is also a coronation ceremony during which a Royal Family is selected through their fraternal organizations.

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