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30th Birthday UCC Cleveland

30th Birthday UCC Cleveland Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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30th Birthday UCC Cleveland back Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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30th Happy Birthday, U.C.C. CLEVELAND 1957-1987
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Black text on yellow background.

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The reformed protestant United Church of Christ was born through the union of two other church groups in 1957. Two other local Cleveland, Ohio, churches joined together to form the modern United Church of Christ. These churches were the 23-year-old Evangelical and Reformed Church and the 26-year-old Congregational Christian Church. The union combined both traits from the parent group to form the new United Church of Christs’ identity. The new church allowed freedom within the order compared to the traditional church structure, but incorporated elements of the European Reformation to stay tethered to the past.


United Church of Christ. (2019, February 1). The United Church of Christ.

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