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About Face Theatre

About Face Theatre Entertainment Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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About Face Theatre Entertainment Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Located in Chicago, About Face Theatre was established in 1995 by Artistic Directors Kyle Hall and Eric Rosen to raise LGBTQIA voices in the performing arts. Since its founding, the theatre has put on dozens of productions “that tell complicated stories representing all facets of gay life.” The organization holds an annual Equity Mainstage Season and year-around educational programs designed to foster awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. The theatre is also heavily involved with Chicago’s queer youth by partnering with local schools to empower students and catalyze dialogue.

The name “About Face” was chosen for the theater by one of its founders Kyle Hall because it represents “a turning of the tide – changing perceptions and the direction of discourse by, of, and about queer lives and experiences.”


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