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AFL-CIO COPE for LBJ & HHH Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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AFL-CIO COPE for LBJ & HHH back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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On a white background photographs of the faces of Lyndon B. Johnson (left) and Hubert H. Humphrey (right) are centered on the button with red uppercase "AFL-CIO COPE" text curved above the image and "For LBJ &  HHH" curved below in blue uppercase text.

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3 evenly spaced union bugs

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AFL-CIO is the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. The group was formed in 1955 when the separate groups, AFL and CIO, combined. This organization is the largest alliance of unions in the US with fifty-six national and international unions. Union membership was at its peak in 1979 with almost twenty million members, however, currently, they have more than twelve million members. Members include retired and current workers. Until 2005 they represented almost all unionized workers in the United States, however, over time unions have broken off and formed different groups some of which have joined back over time. In 1965 sitting president Lyndon B. Johnson was running with Hubert H. Humphrey for the Democratic Party. The organization put its support behind these candidates and has continuously supported the Democratic Party over the years due to the party aligning with its values.

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