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All the Way with LBJ Cloud

All the Way with LBJ Cloud Political Button Museum
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All the Way with LBJ Cloud button back Political Button Museum
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Black text above and below an illustration of an atomic explosion mushroom cloud on a white background.

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In the 1964 U.S. Presidential Election Lyndon B. Johnson ran for office on the Democratic ticket. His campaign slogan: “All the Way With LBJ” resonated with Americans due to Johnson’s amiable nature and take-charge attitude. However, during his term the Vietnam War, the increased expenditures from Johnson’s Great Society policies, and a slowdown of the economy led to many characterizing his actions as idealistic and impractical. This sentiment is captured in the artwork both mocking his famed slogan while depicting a mushroom cloud formed from detonation of a nuclear weapon to insinuate Johnson’s policies would lead to disaster for the United States.  

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