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Alpha Males for Bush

Alpha Males for Bush Political Button Museum
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Alpha Males for Bush button back Political Button Museum
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Red top half and blue bottom half with white text

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This button is referring to Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore, who faced each other in the 2000 US Presidential election. Scientifically, “Alpha” is a designation applied to the highest ranking individuals in groups of social animals. “Beta” animals are considered to be second in command to alphas, and are less assertive, generally deferring to alpha males in social situations. In American culture, there is a commonly accepted dichotomy between alpha and beta males. Alpha males are considered to be physically superior, confident, and assertive leaders. Their Beta male counterparts are considered to be more passive, non-assertive, and possess less physical prowess. 

By insinuating that the supporters of George Bush are Alpha, this button is also implying that Bush himself is Alpha and therefore a more natural and assertive leader than Gore. 

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