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AMA-MSS Eller Governing Council

AMA-MSS Eller Governing Council Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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AMA-MSS Eller Governing Council back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Red background with brown-yellow text in the center and a thin brown-yellow ring outside the red circle. Smaller brown-yellow text curved on the top and bottom of the red circle.

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The Medical Student Section (MSS) is the largest organization of medical students in the US, and advocates for issues pertaining to education as well as providing resources, guidance, and services for the members. The governing council has 8 members who serve one-year terms, and oversees the activities and programs of the MSS at the national level. The MSS is a specialized member group of the American Medical Association (AMA). The Chicago-based AMA was founded in 1847 and is a professional association with over 240,000 members representing the United States medical community.


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