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Anderson 80

Anderson 80 Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Anderson 80 back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black and white photograph of Anderson imposed over a red, white, and blue stripe pattern with white text.

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N.G. SLATER CORP. N.Y.C. 11 union bug

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Campaign pin for John B. Anderson’s 1980 presidential run. John Anderson, a lawyer, and World War II veteran, was born in 1922 in Rockford, Illinois. He was considered a strong conservative voice in the House of Representatives, serving from 1961-1981, but moderated over time, especially regarding social issues. He was a vocal critique of the Vietnam War and President Nixon’s actions during the Watergate scandal. During the 1980 presidential election, he initially ran as a Republican but eventually dropped out of the Republican race to run as an Independent, coming in 3rd behind Reagan and Carter, respectively. After losing the election, he resumed his legal career and founded FairVote, an organization advocating for electoral reforms.


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