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Another Best From Sealtest

Another Best From Sealtest Advertising Button Museum
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Another Best From Sealtest button back Advertising Button Museum
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Another BEST From Sealtest Trade Mark
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Black tex on a white background and white text on an red square. A woman cartoon holding a jug of milk with a happy expression.

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Sealtest Dairy was a division of the National Dairy Products Corporation that manufactured dairy products throughout the United States.The Sealtest brand was ultimately acquired from Kraft (along with Breyers) in 1993 by Unilever, which retains the rights to the brand. Sealtest milk products are currently produced under the Good Humor-Breyers subsidiary of Unilever. Unfortunately, Sealtest ice cream products have been discontinued. Sealtest at one time had an ice cream parlor in Walt Disney World and also sponsored a pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. 

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