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Any Turkey For President Flag

Any Turkey For President Flag Humorous Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Any Turkey For President Flag back Humorous Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Blue text over red background at top. Illustration of three turkeys in off white background in middle. Red text over blue background at bottom.

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Author, designer, cartoonist and illustrator, Sandra Boynton, rose to prominence in the literary world in the 1980s when her humorous animal characters and clever text filled picture books graced greeting cards, mugs, stickers, posters, stationary, and more. At the peak of her career, Boynton had created 150 designs and sold more than 80 million cards a year. When her cards attracted imitators, Boynton began to publish her own illustrated books and produced an array of merchandise including a children’s clothing line.

Boynton’s publications have ranged from toddlers’ board games like Hippos Go Berserk! to adult humor titles like The Compleat Turkey, with cartoons poking fun at life’s difficult people, the so-called “turkeys”. In the 1990s, Boynton started pairing her children’s books with music, releasing popular book-and-CD sets.


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