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Archibald Wasson For Assembly

Archibald Wasson For Assembly Political Button Museum
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Archibald Wasson For Assembly button back Political Button Museum
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Black and white photograph of Archibald Wasson surrounded by black text on a white background.

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Made by F. F. Pulver Co., Buttons, Badges.  Rochester, N.Y.  Get a Collection of Buttons.  Send for Catalogue.  Patented Feb 17, 1903, Apr. 19,1904.  Union Bug.

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Archibald Wasson was the Prohibition candidate from Livingston County, N.Y. in the 1904 New York State Assembly race.  He lost the race to Republican James Wadsworth, who later went on to have a successful career in Congress. Although not much is known about Wasson, the Prohibition Party has campaigned to end the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol since 1869.

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