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Armstrong Ceiling Watcher

Armstrong Ceiling Watcher Advertising Button Museum
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Armstrong Ceiling Watcher button back Advertising Button Museum
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Light green background with black text. Two black and white cartoon eyes look upward above the text.

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Produced for Armstrong World Industries, makers of ceiling and flooring products based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The curious "Ceiling Watcher" was one of a series that Armstrong used in print and television during the 1960s. Subsequent themes were titled "Ceiling Doctor" and "Ceiling Master" - "Master craftsmen made a ceiling worth looking at."

Armstrong World Industries traces its roots to a $300 purchase in 1860 of a small cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh by the 24 year old Thomas Morton Armstrong. He sold cork bottle-stoppers to the Union Army during the Civil War and gained a reputation for the quality of his product. Stamping his name on each cork, he became a pioneer in the use of branding to promote his business. From corks to cork boards to ceiling and flooring, the 150+ year old company has grown into a global leader.

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