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Asian Americans for Bush Quayle

Asian Americans for Bush Quayle Political Button Museum
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Asian Americans for Bush Quayle button back Political Button Museum
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Red and blue text on a white background with an illustration of part of a flag

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This button was used to bolster Asian American support for the 1992 presidential campaign of Bush/Quayle. Time Magazine reported that nearly 60% of Asian Americans voted for Bush/Quayle in the 1992 election. Asian Americans traditionally voted conservatively. The campaign of 1992 was the first time that an Asian American was hired as a full-time, salaried staff member at a presidential headquarters. Dr. Lee was the national coordinator for the Asian and Pacific American Coalition (APAC) for Bush/Quayle 1992. Dr. Lee reached out to numerous Asian groups to organize them at both the state and national levels. Asian Americans were kept abreast of the campaign through articles published in Asian newspapers throughout the country.

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