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Ask Me About a Fun Ship Cruise

Ask Me About a Fun Ship Cruise Ask Me Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Ask me about a "Fun Ship"® Cruise
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Red text with blue and red illustration of palm tree and ship on white background.

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The Fun Ship Cruise is a line of cruises offered from Carnival Cruise Lines. Since the 1970's, Carnival has been advertising their cruises as Fun Ships, which are vacation destinations in themselves. The focus of Carnival is not only on the ports of call they take guests, but ensuring their ships are packed with fun and activities, as they were the first cruise line to implement this into their ships. Fun ships have live entertainment, a full and varied list of activities daily, and even the option to relax. The idea is that the guest on the ship will have enough options to never feel bored, but to always feel entertained. The “fun” is manifested throughout the journey including the way staff leaves towels for guests in their rooms, which is to fold them into origami animals daily.

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