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Ask Me About Intercourse

Ask Me About Intercourse Ask Me Button Museum
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Ask Me About Intercourse button back Ask Me Button Museum
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I’ve Been to Pennsylvania; Ask Me About Intercourse; Lancaster; Bird in Hand; Paradise; Virginville; Fertility
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Red and black text on a white background. A black amish horse drawn carriage picture, and two red flowers.

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In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is a large population of Amish, Old-Order Mennonites, and the Pennsylvania Dutch, which attracts tourists to the area to witness their culture and way of life. However, this area is also known for the odd names of some of its towns. For instance, some people visit the county just to say they went through Intercourse and reached Paradise. Other towns include Blue Ball, Fertility, and Kissel Hill. However, these names aren’t as racy as they may appear. Intercourse was once called “Cross Keys”, but was changed to “Intercourse” in 1814. At the time of its naming, “intercourse” meant “fellowship” or “social interaction and support”.

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