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Avia Hotel Wine Pairing

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Want to Learn About Wine Pairing? ASK ME ABOUT PALETTE! AVIA. |Hotel
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AVIA Hotels launched in 2007 as a boutique hotel collection with four locations: AVIA Savannah (GA), AVIA Napa (CA), AVIA Long Beach (CA), and AVIA The Woodlands (TX) by LodgeWorks L.P. Staff at AVIA hotels represented hosts of the hotel and surrounding localities. They started PALETTE e-zine with its inaugural winter issue in November 2010 to be published three times annually. It featured cooking and drink recipes, offers for AVIA subscribers, shopping, and unique qualities of all AVIA Hotel locations. Only two e-zines were published because Hyatt Hotels acquired 24 hotels from LodgeWorks L.P., including AVIA Hotels, in July 2011, and the magazine was discontinued.


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