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B.A.C. Coffee Day

B.A.C. Coffee Day Event Button Museum
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B.A.C. Coffee Day button back Event Button Museum
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Owner of Gator’s Drive-in, W.C. Hunter created B.A.C. (or Buck-A-Cup) coffee day for the Easter Seals of South Carolina in 1951. In 1954, Hunter began to sell buttons in exchange for a free coffee on the day of the event. B.A.C. Coffee Day is an event in sponsorship with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association and the S.C. Restaurant Association. In 1953, Hunter and fellow sponsors the S.C. Law Enforcement Officers’ Association and the S.C. Restaurant Association changed the event to raise money for children with disabilities. It was called “Coffee Day for Crippled Children”. They raised $3,133 that day and $5,000 the next year. As of 2001, this event has raised over $12 million for children with disabilities.

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