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Back 'Mac' for President

Back 'Mac' for President Political Button Museum
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Back 'Mac' for President button back Political Button Museum
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Red text on a white upper half and white text on a bottom red half

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Renowned World War II General Douglas MacArthur tried to get involved in the 1952 presidential election. MacArthur was the leading General in the Pacific during the Second World War and also led U.S. troops during the Korean War. He disagreed with how President Truman was handling the war effort and was relieved of duty for insubordination in 1951.

MacArthur attempted to influence the election by becoming a third-party spoiler candidate, but his campaign never gained much traction. He was only listed on seven state ballots and hoped to gather more write-in votes. Ultimately, he only received just over 17,000 votes total and had four other third-party candidates ahead of him. MacArthur ultimately did not play a large role in the election and did not swing the race in any substantial way.


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