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Best Man Is A Woman

Best Man Is A Woman Humorous Button Museum
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Best Man Is A Woman button back Humorous Button Museum
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memo The best man for the job is a woman
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Black text on a yellow notebook page background.

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©SWIB, LISLE, IL 60532

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The popular phrase “the best man for the job is a woman” most likely inspired the book Why the Best Man for the Job is a Woman: The Unique Female Qualities of Leadership by Esther Wachs Book, published in 2000. The book celebrates women breaking the glass ceiling and thriving in professions that were previously male dominated. This empowering phrase has been quoted by women taking or campaigning for roles previously held by men. This pin is styled like a memo on a steno pad. A memo or memorandum is message that may be used in office and a steno pad is a pad of paper specially used for taking dictation. This style further emphasizes the importance of the message in a school, office or work setting.  


Book, E. W. (2000). Why the best man for the job is a woman the unique female qualities of leadership. New York (N.Y.): HarperBusiness.​

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