Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant Mighty Atom Club

Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant Mighty Atom Club Club Button Museum
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Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant Mighty Atom Club button back Club Button Museum
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Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant; Mighty Atom Club; Consumers Power Company
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Black text on a brown circle background with red edges. White text on a blue circle background with white and green buildings and a figure of a boy wearing red on top of the buildings holding black magnifying glass.

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The Big Rock Point was a nuclear power plant that operated from 1962 to 1997. Consumers Energy, known then as Consumers Powers, owned and operated the plant. The license was set to expire in 2000, but was not economically feasible to keep running until then. The American Nuclear Society named it a Nuclear Historic Landmark. The Mighty Atom Club allowed its members three things: 1) Use of the observation and information facilities, 2) The ability to discuss the Plant and the Research and Development Program, and 3) To Invite friends to visit the Information Center

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