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Bizzy Bear Safety Club

Bizzy Bear Safety Club Club Button Museum
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Bizzy Bear Safety Club button back Club Button Museum
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Illustration of Bizzy Bear in black on white background. Text in black on white background, black outer rim. 

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Saunders Mose & Novelty Co Cleveland O

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'Bizzy the Bear' was the creation of Ralph Eckhart and Edith Oliver Jones—editorial artists for the Cleveland Plain Dealer during the 1930s. The comic strip and illustrated bed time story sought to not only entertain children, but to provide them with an outlet to learn 'safety tips' and lessons. Furthermore, if any child learned all six of 'Bizzys' safety rules,' then he or she would've been mailed an honorary club badge—most likely in the form of the button pictured above. 

Although not much is known about Jones, after Eckhart's service in World War II, he continued to do editorial work for the Pasadena Independent-News, a California-based newspaper. 

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