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Bolivia Flag

Bolivia Flag Advertising Button Museum
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Bolivia Flag button back Advertising Button Museum
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Illustration of a flag with a yellow, red and green stripe with an image in the middle over black text on a white background

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In the early 1800’s the dictator of Bolivia, Andrés Santa Cruz created the Bandera Mayor state flag for the Peruvian Bolivian Confederation. The red stripe represents the blood shed by Bolivian soldiers, the yellow stripe for mineral deposits, and the green stripe for fertility. When Andrés Santa Cruz was overthrown the confederation was disbanded and the national flag changed. The Bolivian flag now features red on the upper stripe, yellow in the middle, and green on the bottom stripe.  The red now represents bravery and the blood of Bolivian heroes, the yellow represents Bolivia’s wealth, and the green represents fertility, natural resources, and hope.

Designed and manufactured by Whitehead & Hoag Co. advertisers were able to insert their own backings to this button advertising their own brands.

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