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"Boston American" arches over the top of the button separated by a white border on a red background. The remainder of the text is white on a blue background. There are three white stars in a horizontal line on the bottom.

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GERAGHTY & COMPANY 3035-37 W. LAKE ST. CHICAGO, U.S.A. is stamped on the back. A "G" symbol and two different union symbols are printed in the center. One union is the Chicago Local No. 4 and the other is for Union Label.

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The Boston American was a newspaper that was published in Boston, Massachusetts from 1904 through 1961. After going through a couple of mergers and name changes, it eventually became known as the Boston Herald.The Buy American Products advertisement refers to a campaign conducted in the 1930's with the help of newspapers supporting legislation mandating that the United States government buy only American products. Additionally, the advertisements encouraged the American consumer to buy American products.

Source: Bodart, R. W. and Curley, J.M. (1935, January 12). Curley and Robart In Buy American Campaign. Boston Advertiser.

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