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The Boston Bantam Will Crow

The Boston Bantam Will Crow Political Button Museum
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The Boston Bantam Will Crow button back Political Button Museum
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DU- -KIS The Boston Bantam WILL CROW Nov. 8, 1988
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Illustration of the flags of the United States and Greece above a rooster.  Blue and brown text on a white background.

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CHAS. LEE, BOX 4701, S.R., CA 95402

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Michael Dukakis was the 65th governor of Massachusetts and ran with the democratic party in the 1988 presidential election against George W. Bush. Dukakis was the second Greek-American governor in U.S. history and used the national flag of both the United States and Greece in his campaigning. A bantam chicken is also used as a campaign symbol perhaps as a metaphor for being desirable or especially fierce. The bantam is a small breed of chicken or duck that can also refer to dwarfism. The bantam can be considered a specialty breed and there are several varieties of bantam chicken in Greece that are commonly regarded as fighting chickens.


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