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Bow Wow Wow Black 3

Bow Wow Wow Black 3 Music Button Museum
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Bow Wow Wow Black 3 button back Music Button Museum
Bow Wow Wow Black 3
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Yellow text on a black background

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Bow Wow Wow is an English new wave band that was formed in 1980.  The band was conceived and managed by Malcolm McLaren following the breakup of The Sex Pistols.  The band is known for combining the new wave sound of the 1980s with world music, particularly African-style drumming.

In 1980 they released the first ever cassette-single titled "C·30 C·60 C·90 Go!"  Their label, EMI, refused to promote the single because they believed it promoted home-taping, as the B-side of the cassette was left blank.  The band may be best known for their rendition of the Strangelove's song from 1965, "I Want Candy".

The band initially disbanded in 1983, but reformed again in 1997 and have been active periodically since then.

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