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Boynton Seal of Approval

Boynton Seal of Approval Humorous Button Museum
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Boynton Seal of Approval button back Humorous Button Museum
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A goldenrod background with red text rimmed in a thin black line arching around the exterior. The center features a cartoon image of a grey seal.

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Sandra Boynton was born in 1953 and is an American artist and humorist. She has designed over four thousand greeting cards as well as dozens of books and children's books. She has also received many awards for her work in film and music. Boynton’s art began appearing in the 1970s on card designs for Recycled Paper Greetings. By the mid 1980s, she sold over 80 million cards a year. Over 60 million copies of Sandra’s children’s books and over 500 million copies of Sandra’s cards have been sold between 1970 and 2003. In 1996, Boynton began writing and producing music, releasing five children’s albums from 1996-2013, and in 2008, she began creating videos for her most popular songs. Throughout her career, Boynton has designed for many companies including calendars, wallpaper, bedding, and paper goods.

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