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Bum Button

Bum Button Self Referential Button Museum
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Bum Button button back Self Referential Button Museum
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Ha! You've been stuck with a bum button
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Purple background with bright green bubble text and black text on the top part of button with large orange bubble text in the center of the button and black text below.

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The term bum has multiple meanings that could all be referenced with this phrase, You've been stuck by a bum button. The word bum can refer to something borrowed meaning this could be passed around between friends as a gag. Bum could also refer to something that is not working properly or defective, meaning this is a bad button that might be passed around as a gag when someone was expecting a nice prize. The word could also refer to the buttocks meaning that the intention was to stab or place this button onto the derriere, likely as a gag.

Creative House Productions Inc. originated in 1964 and was a design and manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois. It was responsible for the creation of many promotional comic pins found in gumball machines and Cracker Jack boxes. Creative House eventually created the brand PinMart, which became the first website to sell lapel pins. PinMart eventually outgrew its parent company and bought Creative House in 2008.


PinMart. (2020). About us.

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