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California Marijuana Initiative 19

California Marijuana Initiative 19 Cause Button Museum
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California Marijuana Initiative 19 button back Cause Button Museum
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Green text in the center surrounded by illustrations of marijuana leaves with an outer green edge on a yellow background

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Proposition 19, also known as the California Marijuana Initiative (CMI), was a ballot initiative on the November 7, 1972 statewide ballot. The official advocacy group for the initiative was “Yes on 19.” If passed, it would have revised California’s laws about marijuana, and would have made it so that no person 18 years of age or older could be punished in any way for growing, processing, transporting, or possessing marijuana. The initiative was defeated by 66.5%, with only 33.5% Yes votes. Supporters argued that the initiative would decriminalization personal use activities, but not legalize marijuana or encourage sales or use.  

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