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Carter Mondale White Over Green

Carter Mondale White Over Green Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Carter Mondale White Over Green back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Green text on white background above white text on green background.

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Union bug N.G. SLATER CORP. N.Y.C. 10011

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The Carter Mondale Campaign in 1976 consisted of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale as the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President in the United States Presidential election. Carter had previously served as the governor of Georgia from 1971-1975. Walter Mondale had served as a United States Senator, representing Minnesota from 1964-1976. Carter and Mondale defeated the Republican candidates, incumbent President Gerald Ford and his selection for Vice President, Bob Dole. Jimmy Carter was the first President elected who represented the Deep South since the 1848 Presidential election of Zachary Taylor. The color green was used to symbolize Carter's agricultural roots.

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