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Chicago Film Festival White

Chicago Film Festival White Entertainment Button Museum
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Chicago Film Festival White button back Entertainment Button Museum
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The Film Festival
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A black and white illustration of half of a person's face which stops right under the nose. The face is inside of an illustration of a film reel. Underneath the illustrations are the words "The film festival" in black letters. The words and illustrations are over a white background.  

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This button is promoting the Chicago International Film Festival. The festival was started in 1964 by Michael Kutza and is the longest running competitive film festival in North America. The festival is presented by Cinema/Chicago, a non-profit organization focused on bringing diverse cultures together through film by presenting films and allowing filmgoers to meet directors, writers, and more. The logo seen on this button is the official Chicago International Film Festival logo; the eyes were created by combining the eyes of silent screen actresses Theda Bara, Pola Negri, and Mae Murray.


Cinema/Chicago (2014). History & Archive. Chicago International Film Festival.

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