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Chicago Flood '92

Chicago Flood '92 Chicago BUtton Museum
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Chicago Flood '92 button back Chicago Button Museum
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An illustration of a city skyline being flooded with water. White text at the bottom of the button inside the illustrated water. Everything else in the button is a different shade of blue. 

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124 million gallons of water from the Chicago River rushed into Chicago downtown building basements the morning of April 13, 1992. A network of tunnels had burst underneath the central business district known as "The Loop." To the shock of many, city officials knew about the problem but lagged on approving the contract to fix the issue. Mayor Richard Daley demanded and received the resignation of the officials who were in charge of the project. The water was eventually pumped out of the buildings after two weeks. City lawyers agreed to pay 36 millions dollars to settle lawsuits brought by various businesses and insurers.   

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