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Chinese Day

Chinese Day Chicago Button Museum
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Chinese Day button back Chicago Button Museum
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An illustration of a white sun on a blue circle over a blue rectangle with white text on it with yellow and red stripes and red and white text

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From May 27 through November 1, 1933, Chicago put on the famous World’s Fair, which was titled “A Century of Progress,” to celebrate its centennial. The city collaborated with a number of foreign nations to put on the exhibition, and for the month of October, the focus was on a number of artifacts and exhibits from China. The most prominent exhibit was a replica of the Buddhist Lama Temple of Jehol that was located at 16th street. There was also an exhibit featuring the Peking man, whose body had been preserved in a bog for nearly 500,000 years. Other items on display included rugs, embroideries, furs, a replica of a Chinese walled village, and objects made of porcelain, lacquer, silk, and ivory. The city also provided entertainment in the form of interpretive dance and acrobatics.

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