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Clinton is the Best

Clinton is the Best Political Button Museum
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Clinton is the Best button back Political Button Museum
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Clinton Is The Best FUCKIN' President We've Ever Had!
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White text on a blue background

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This is a satirical button about Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. While this button may be taken at face value as pro-Clinton, the textual emphasis may, in fact, be a critique of Clinton and a reference to his marital infidelities.

During Clinton's 1992 Presidential campaign, a controversy arose over accusations of an affair between Clinton and an Arkansas model and actress, Gennifer Flowers. Clinton denied the accusations at the time, but later admitted under oath that he had a sexual relationship with Flowers. In 1998, another scandal emerged regarding Clinton’s extramarital relationships, this time with a much younger White House employee, Monica Lewinsky. The investigation led to the impeachment of Clinton and charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Following a senate impeachment hearing, Clinton was acquitted of all charges and he remained in office to finish his second term. 

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