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Connecticut Greens

Connecticut Greens Political Button Museum
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Connecticut Greens button back Political Button Museum
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Don't Blame Me I Voted for Nader CONNECTICUT GREENS 1-888-877-8607
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Green text on a white background

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The Connecticut Green Party is the Connecticut affiliate of the Green Party of the United States. The Green Party platform promotes, among other issues, social justice, grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and environmental concerns. Ralph Nader, a Connecticut native, ran as the Green Party candidate in the 2000 presidential election, going up against Republican (and eventual winner) George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore. Nader, who won 97,421 votes, was considered by some to be a “spoiler” in the election—Bush beat Gore by 537 votes, and exit polls indicate that 38% of Nader voters would have voted for Gore. This button is most likely indicating the general sense of displeasure with the national government felt by Connecticut Green Party members in the years following the 2000 election.  

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