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Cover it with Tads

Cover it with Tads Advertising Button Museum
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Cover it with Tads button back Advertising Button Museum
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Cover it with Tads pants n' jeans
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Black text and a black and white photograph of the back of a shirtless woman looking over her shoulder

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Tads Pants and Jeans was a clothing brand from the 1970s. Tads was a subsidiary of the parent company H.R. Kaminsky & Sons, based out of Fitzgerald, Georgia. This advertising campaign was developed by a Florida-based advertising agency, and featured Florida model Mary Clark. The semi-nude image appeared in print ads in both women’s fashion magazines and in several sexually-explicit magazines geared toward men. In addition to the print advertising campaign, this distinctive image of Clark also appeared on buttons (as seen here), stickers, and posters. For a time, Kaminsky & Sons even included the image on their official company letterhead.

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