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Daley 1967

Daley 1967 Political Button Museum
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Daley 1967 button back Political Button Museum
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C 67
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The bottom quarter is black and in the shape of the Chicago skyline with a blue sky background above it and a green arrow over the top with a large white letter C with the number 67 inside.

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This button is for Richard J. Daley’s 1967 campaign to stay on as Mayor of Chicago. 1967 marked Daley’s fourth election, having first been elected to the position in 1955. Daley, who was campaigning against Republican John L. Waner, won the 1967 election with 73% of the votes. Richard J. Daley is best remembered for keeping Chicago from declining as other major Midwestern cities had, which this button's upward-pointing arrow seems to indicate. Daley continued on as Mayor of Chicago until his death in 1976, having held the position for 21 years.

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