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Dear Voter

Dear Voter Cause Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Dear Voter back Cause Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Letters to Voters
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White envelope with red and blue spiral striping along the outside edge. The stamp is also red, white, and blue. Blue text on envelope, all on light pink background.

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Indivisible is a nationwide grassroots movement consisting of local groups actively advocating for progressive initiatives and democratic engagement. Indivisible acted as a partner of the 2020 letter-writing campaign, "The Big Send", run by Vote Forward.  Citizens mailed over 17 million letters to increase voter turnout. Oregon District 2 Indivisible wrote over 16,000 letters in Medford, encouraging people to vote in swing state. Although voting in a presidential election in the United States is done through the electoral college process, each state's individual electoral votes are decided on the number of ballots received, stressing the importance of every vote being counted. Voters can see the largest impact of their votes in local elections for their community's leaders and their representatives in the state.


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