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Democratic National Convention 1992

Democratic National Convention 1992 Event Button Museum
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Democratic National Convention 1992 button back Event Button Museum
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Welcome to the Democratic National Convention New York City July 13 - 16 1992
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Red, white and blue background with white text and two black and white photographs of two men's heads

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BOLD CONCEPTS NYC 212-764-6330 union bug

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From July 13-16, 1992, members of the democratic party of the United States met in New York City to nominate a candidate for the 1992 presidential election. Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was seen as the leading contender, and was formally nominated by New York Governor Mario Cuomo. After winning by 3,372 votes, Clinton chose Tennessee Senator Al Gore as his running mate, making them the youngest ticket in the 20th century. This button features the images of democratic candidate Bill Clinton and New York Governor Mario Cuomo. 


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