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Dewey Political Button Museum
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Dewey button back Political Button Museum
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Dark blue text on a white button

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GREENDUCK CO. New York City, N.Y. Pat Feb 13 1917 (Image of a duck) (union bug)

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Thomas E. Dewey was a New York attorney who targeted organized crime and had a reputation for integrity and hard work. As Governor of New York (1942-1954) he passed laws banning job discrimination based on race or religion and increased benefits. He ran for President in 1944 and 1948 for the Republican party. This button is from his 1948 campaign against Harry Truman. Dewey represented liberal Eastern Republicans. He seemed likely to win from the beginning and he did not make many campaign speeches or take a strong stance on controversial issues. Dewey's election to the Presidency seemed so sure that the Chicago Tribune ran an early edition with the headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" before all the votes were counted.  Against all expectations Truman won the election and remained President.

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