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Dick Gephardt For President

Dick Gephardt For President Political Button Museum
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Dick Gephardt For President button back Political Button Museum
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Black text on a white background with an illustration of a pentagon shape in blue and red with a white star in the middle

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Pd. for by Gephardt For Pres. Comm.

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This button is from Dick Gephardt’s 1988 campaign for the presidency. Gephardt, a Democrat, had represented Missouri in the House of Representatives since 1977, and during his presidential campaign tried to get the Democratic party’s nomination, but failed to do so because of his past record of flip-flopping on his votes. Gephardt continued to serve in the House of Representatives until 2005. In 2004 he ran for the presidency but again failed to get the Democratic party’s nomination because of the public’s perception of his values being old-fashioned. After his retirement from politics in 2005, Gephardt went on to become a lobbyist and has lobbied for numerous companies like Boeing and Ford.

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