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Dole for President

Dole for President Political Button Museum
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Dole for President button back Political Button Museum
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Two blue ovals with photographs of men and white text on top of an illustration of an American flag 

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BOLD CONCEPTS NYC 212-764-6330

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Robert Dole, better known as Bob Dole, ran for the against incumbent Bill Clinton in the 1996 United States Presidential election. Dole, the oldest first-time nominee for US president at 73 years old, was a Republican Senator from Kansas. In the early days of the election, before running mates had been announced, there were rumors that Jim Edgar, the Governor of Illinois at the time, might become Dole's running mate. Dole and Edgar were considered a good match because of their complementary stances on political issues, and newspapers emphasized that if Dole were to fall ill or die while in office, Edgar would be healthy enough to step in. This button was made preemptively, since the Republican party nominated Jack Kemp as the vice-presidential candidate and Edgar never officially campaigned alongside Dole.

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